Sunday, July 3, 2011

Room Update!

Well, the painting is done and the temporary crown molding is up.  I also have a temporary work station in place.  We are saving for the desk I want and the futon/sofa bed for guests to sleep on. (While my son was home, we used a double-high inflatable queen bed that we use for camping -- it worked just fine.)  The chest you will see has yet to be sanded and painted, and I still have to sew curtains for the window and for the closet.  The last picture shows the card my kids gave me with my Cuttlebug for Mother's Day.  While helping me paint, my daughter asked how I picked the color and I relayed the story about trying to come up with something that wouldn't clash with the carpet.  it wasn't until I moved things in that I found the card and realized how much it matched the color on the walls and the color of the carpet.  Amazing, isn't it?
Temporary Work Area

Window and part of closet w/shelving

Shelving in Closet

Bookcase w/supplies

Work waiting to be done; chest to be sanded and painted

Inspiration Card?

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